Pool Distribution

Reduce shipping costs with less handling.

Pool distribution brings in several vendors/suppliers for customers and consolidates the shipments into one load. Because you share the cost of the shipment with multiple customers, your individual cost is much lower.

In greater detail, pool distribution ships items to multiple locations within a region. Goods consolidate on high frequency shipments in Less Than Truckload (LTL) quantities of 150 to 10,000 lb range. This makes your LTL shipment less expensive. So instead of shipping directly to you, the load ships to a regional terminal first and then off loads to local delivery trucks, and proceeds to delivery.

This works especially well for perishable foods that must keep temperature integrity and be shipped quickly but also cost effectively. Pool distribution can work for many other situations as well.

Pool Operations Key Points

• Pool Distribution • Shipment sorting & segregate (sortation and segregating) • Pick and Pack • Warehousing and inventory management • Scheduled appointments • Line hauls • Returns • Pool analysis, planning and implementation • Barcode scanning • Use of your system or integration of ours

Overall Benefits.

Using pool distribution, you reduce transit times while keeping shipment and temperature integrity. Also it reduces damage risks due to less handling.

Other Factors to Consider

This method is cost effective based on number of points per pool, shipment wieght, delivery frequency, perishability, and distance from terminal to end delivery point.